BRO is located on the shores of the mighty Black River, right above one of the best known whitewater play spots in the country. Launch on your adventure and immediately start playing as you raft surf on the ocean like wave of Hole Brothers. The raft will tilt, twist and spin in the froth as the dark water rushes by.

After you're finished with the surf, enjoy the float as you make your way toward “Knife's Edge.“ Your guide preps you for the series of three ledge drops that make up this Class IV rapid. Practice paddling “Hard Forward," “Shifting Left," “Hitting the Deck," and if all goes well… “Paddle Check!" Teamwork, good strokes, and a little luck will be all you need to ace this one.

A few more easier rapids come next, testing your honed skills before you enter the famed “Black River Canyon." The canyon starts where the walls constrict, forcing the water through a narrower path. The waves get bigger and the rapids get closer with not much of a breather in between. Excitement and thrills are around every corner. As you blast through the waves in “Zig” and avoid the rock in “Zag” you teeter on the edge of your seat, almost falling into the drink! The “Cruncher” lurks below. Get ready to punch this one right in the kisser! You can hear your guide’s commands, faintly from behind. The rumble of the water is getting louder, you grip your paddle tight, digging deep into the flow. The inflatable craft gains speed and then, without warning it screeches to an almost halt as you hit the meat of the hole. There are flashes of white as the water hits your face, and showers heavily down, drenching the raft. Then slowly, almost as if in slow motion, the steady site of your surroundings start to focus as the liquid sheds away. High fives are exchanged as your team celebrates the successful completion of the feat! At this point in the journey, you have a choice to make. Do you paddle back into the “Cruncher” and rodeo that churning hole - knowing that it’s going to be a hold on to your hats bucking bronco type of ride - or instead, do you choose to take it easy and enjoy jumping in and swimming in the milder bubbles in the calmer part of the rapid? Whichever choice you make, this is a picturesque resting ground where you have ample time to relax outside of the raft and take tons of photos while you laugh about the day's adventures and maybe even some mishaps with your friends.

Once you're back in the raft, you paddle toward the next river feature - Rocket Ride. This is an old dam face, 14’ above the swirling water below. You stand up in the raft, trying to see what’s below, as the horizon line blocks the view of everything but tree tops and rock cliffs. As the raft slips over the edge and water slides down the smooth face, you get the sensation of having just gone over a waterfall. You have just entered into the lower canyon and the rock cliffs now tower 100’ above.

A Costa Rica style waterfall drops from the ledges and provides yet another picturesque setting, making you feel like you're vacationing in another country. Realizing you don’t have much time to soak it in, you grab your paddle as the raft slams into the next set of waves and continues its journey through the remaining rapids.

The rapids eventually calm, and you purposely slip overboard to swim through the smaller waves. The swift current acts as a free massage as your life jacket floats you to the takeout.

A quick bus ride takes you back to our base where you dry off, view the photo slide show of your trip, and relax on the river shore. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your complimentary ice cream while watching kayakers practice their best tricks right there at our home rapid. Good friends and stories, thrilling rapids and experience of a lifetime!