The Black is where it‘s at, and you won’t find anything as fun as rafting… but if your looking for additional things to do in our area, check out some of these activities.

Uncle Sam Boat Tours

Uncle Sam Boat Tours provides scenic cruises of the Thousand Islands with an optional stop at Boldt Castle on Heart Island for a self-guided tour of the castle.

(315) 482-2611

Boldt Castle

Self guided tours of a 120 room Rhineland style island castle built at the turn of the 20th century.

(315) 482-2501

Thousand Islands - Seaway Wine Trail

The “Trail” consists of five wineries, one grape nursery, and nineteen vineyards. Drive the trail on your own, or contact Clarence Henry Coach to sign up for one of their chauffeured motor coach tours.

Lake Ontario Playhouse

Great comedy and entertainment from the national comedy circuit.

(315) 646-2305

Lake Ontario Beaches

Popular day-use and camping parks.


Southwick Beach State Park
(315) 846-5338

Westcott Beach State Park
(315) 646-2239